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A unique fully-appointed and furnished rental home that pays homage to landmark Baroque and Renaissance art.


We first discovered the town of Ave Maria not long after it was founded on the edge of the Everglades as a retreat for those seeking peace, education, and safety from the ever expanding elements of urban sprawl. We were inspired by the classical European town center, cathedral, and rich connection to old-world values, to build the Masterpiece House just a short distance from the center of town.

The Masterpiece House is an immersive “museum” of sorts for those who wish to be surrounded in the art and style reminiscent of royalty of the Renaissance and Baroque periods where art, science, exploration, and passion emerged from the darkness of the Middle Ages. We hope you sincerely appreciate and admire the curation of faithfully-inspired artifacts and artful masterpieces on display for your delight and wonderment.

Practicing at the confluence of art, architecture, and building technology, we collaborate with clients to create buildings and environments in dialogue with culture and place.

Good Work

Greenwich Modern

The design for this client’s “dream house on the water” capitalizes on every opportunity to incorporate views of the Long Island Sound within the home. The placement and expanse of the fir windows and sliding doors underscore the water’s proximity.

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